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Waterwords, a Katrina Pictionary

This "Katrina Pictionary" plays on the linguistic phenomenon in which a word's importance in a culture is reflected in the number
of variations of it that exist in the cultural lexicon. The possible result of whiling away the hours of, say, an evacuation by playing
parlour games, these 'pages' of waterwords and images mimic both the traditional game of "Pictionary" and the somewhat sillier
game of "Fortune Cookie", whereby you are required to insert the words 'in bed' after every statement read by the players.
Here, the game addresses the flood-related losses of so many with the hope of softening the sorrows with wordplay and image.

WATERWORDS is a collaborative work by Debra Howell and Jan Gilbert. It was first exhibited as a photolightwork at the
Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans at the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 29th 2006, and remained on
view for one year. As backlit panels, each original page is 9'x4.5'.

"Waterwords, a Katrina Pictionary" is available as a 12" by 36" archival lightjet print, or other sizes by request.
Email for more information.
The work is available as a print only, or laminated and mounted.