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Eden Gass: Funerary Banner for the City of New Orleans
Funerary: (fyoo'ne'rer'e) adj. Of or appropriate for a funeral or a burial. Sorrowful: mournful.

"Funerary Banner for the City of New Orleans" by Eden Gass

The New Orleans Funerary Banner was a 7 foot by 5 foot flag created by Eden Gass in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

It was made of black satin, velvet and denim and was embroidered with 50 fleur de lis. Having stayed in the city through the storm, creating this flag was an exercise in grief, protest, mourning, bewilderment, rage and disbelief. The banner was burned in a final act of silent protest. A fire was created using symbolic items collected from all over the city. All were welcome to come and silently observe. People were encouraged to bring items to contribute to the funeral pyre; debris from their homes, destroyed mementos, photos of those lost, or anything they felt was appropriate.
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